Friday, 17 June 2016

Sneaky Peek.......Inspirational Post for Stamps and Stencils

It's my turn to inspire you over on the Stamps and Stencils blog. I've chosen a little glow in the dark summertime project. So if you've got a few spare jam jars, some tissue paper, stamps and embossing powder, hop over to the Stamps and Stencils blog with this link, and follow my lead x


  1. A wonderful inspirational post Toni, your tea light holders are gorgeous! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Oh wow Toni such beautiful tissue papers in gorgeous colours and magical effects in the photo above. These would look stunning on my patio table at night, love them. Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving me such a lovely comment and so happy we will catch up again this year. Have a great weekend xxx