Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 ~ Day1

Day 1.
Oh happy day! Creative Chemistry 103, started yesterday. It's great to get back in the classroom with such a brilliant teacher as Mr Tim Holtz. There was so much content to yesterday's class, that I'm afraid to say that I didn't finish everything. It's a good job there is lifetime access to the lessons. Here are a few of my samples  featuring two techniques, Ombré and Highlight Stamping, there will be more pics to come as I have to complete my samples for Off Set Stamping, Washed Watercolours and Micro Glazing......when I can get back in the craft room ! x


  1. Beautiful samples Toni, I loved Day 1 but struggled a bit with Day 2 and then loved Day 3 - you are right though, it is a good job we have lifetime access. He really is excellent! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. brilliant work Toni - I am loving it all but am already behind xx

  3. Your samples are looking great Toni, you're doing better than me, I haven't even started! Xxx